Introduction Theme : Let’s start it

It’s been a while since i first wanted to write something, I guess I simply didnt know where to start. When came the Time to choose what should I write the answer was simple enough: the things I care about. That’s why you’ll find articles about tech, startups, inspirational thinkers, but also the cultural différences between the countries I’ve visited (or lived in) and even Israeli & Jewish challenges.

Then came another choice to make: what languages I should use. The obvious answer would be French as it’s my native language. But obvious is too simple. I’ve chosen to write in English not to improve my writing skills (which I certainly need) but to give me the chance to share my thoughts with more people, and most of the things I read are in English. So I apologize once now for all the vocabulary/syntax/grammar/spelling  mistakes. And it’s not impossible that you’d find articles in French, depending on the subject (and my mood). Here we are !  I’ve found a thème to start with: Sometimes the best choice it’s not to choose. 
If you don’t know where to start a project, just start ! the rest will follow. And most of the time the decisions you thought you had to take before starting anything won’t be relevant in the future, or the choice will be too obvious to hesitate.
It’s just like when some people ask me how come I am observant and still study in France, when they want to be more religious but they don’t know where to start: What if I start keeping Shabbat and I have an exam on Saturday ? What if I live in a city with no kosher restaurant ?
Well.. Start with something simple that you really care about, don’t force yourself and the rest will follow. Hopefully just like me with this blog. I’ve recently heard a similar advice from Paul Braham in a lecture he gave to Stanford students (and anyone with access to Youtube!).
He was talking about startups and how to know you have a good idea to start with, but I apply this to my life and to this blog. I simply do (and write about) things I care about . Every time we face a big challenge or we have to deal with a huge project it is the same: how do I start ? What is the first step ? The first step is to start somewhere, afterwards you’ll know where to go. And it’s alright if you realize that was not ideal ! That means you learned. I recommend to everyone who is facing a hard choice to do the same: Just start it !

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